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4 Vocal Traits That Keep You from Getting Hired

4 Vocal Traits That Keep You from Getting Hired My wife is a brilliant woman, in spite of having married me. She has two masters degrees (exactly two more than I have), but welches having trouble getting hired and then promoted. Why? Shes a non-native speaker, and her accent was holding her back. She took apublic speaking course tailored to non-native speakers. It worked on her accent and, just as important, her inflection. Its too soon to binnensee if the results have paid off for her professionally, but I have noticed her public speaking has improved.Why relate this anecdote? A Fast Company story on Four Speech Habits that Are Undermining Your Job Choices specifically dealt with the problem of inflection.Not only how you talk, but also the way you say it, can hurt you in a job interview. As Fast Company points out, uptalk is a problem, like, you know? Or as they observe, You might know this as V alley girl speak, but its creeping into Silicon Valley boys clubs, too.According to the BBC, men and women both are increasingly guilty of ending statements with the inflection of questions. It sounds insecure, and it can keep people from taking you seriouslyThe BBC article says the findings were presented as part of a study at the Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America in California. Claire Nance, a linguistics lecturer at Lancaster University, commented to the BBC that the research reinforced the fact that uptalk was increasingly widespread across all kinds of people. Typically, women are trail-blazers in language change and take up innovative features first, then males start using them later.So neither a Valley Girl nor Valley Boy be. It can only hurt your career advancement or hiring prospects.The next phenomena is called vocal fry, and I have to admit it was one I had never encountered before. According to the Fast Company article, vocal fry is the creaking, drawn-out ton e that emerges when speaking below your normal register. It affects first impressions for both men and women.Fast Company links to audio files with examples. Once you hear them you will know exactly what vocal fry is. It also has a scientific name glottalization.The article cites research in PlosOne, an international, peer-reviewed, open-access, online publication. It says, In a large national sample of American adults we find that vocal fry is interpreted negatively. Relative to a normal speaking voice, young adult female voices exhibiting vocal fry are perceived as less competent, less educated, less trustworthy, less attractive, and less hirable. The negative perceptions of vocal fry are stronger for female voices relative to male voices. These results suggest that young Americexprean females should avoid using vocal fry speech in order to maximize labor market opportunities.The next bad habit is pitch problems. The article succinctly addresses the pitch you should achieve more J ames Earl Jones (This is CNN) and less Gilbert Gottfried, former pitchman for AFLAC.The final speaking error that torpedoes job interviews and promotions is bad grammar. The article quotes Diane DeResta, who says, The interviewer may question your education when you use incorrect grammar or slang. Expressions such as aint, she dont, and me and my friend arent appropriate. Be sure you speak in complete sentences and that tenses agree. The interview is not the venue for regional expressions or informality.Add to that list my personal pet peeve saying axe Im writing phonetically instead of ask. Im trying to get my goddaughter to drop it from her lingo. Shes only 10, so Im hoping I succeed before she hits the job market.

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Top 5 Medical Technology Innovations

Top 5 Medical Technology Innovations Top 5 Medical Technology Innovations Top 5 Medical Technology InnovationsAgainst the backdrop of health care reform and a controversial medical device tax, medical technology companies are focusing more than ever on products that deliver cheaper, faster, more efficient patient care. They are also making inroads with U.S. Food Drug Administration regulators to re-engineer the complex review and approval process for new medical devices.Just for You in 2019Six Lean Principles for an Industry 4.0 WorldMany in the industry have long felt overly burdened by what they consider to be an unnecessarily complex approval process. Critics claim it impedes innovation and delays the availability of better health care. To change that perception, the FDA last year announced a new Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC) charged with simplifying the process of designing and testing new technologies. With input from industry, government, and other nonprofit orga nizations, public-private MDIC will prioritize the regulatory science needs of the medical device community and fund projects to streamline the process.More in BioengineeringThe Engineering Behind Brain ResearchBy sharing and leveraging resources, MDIC may help industry to be better equipped to bring safe and effective medical devices to market more quickly and at a lower cost, says Jeffrey Shuren, M.D., J.D., director of the FDAs Center for Devices and Radiological Health.Thought leaders agree that todays best technologies strike a balance between reducing the overall cost of medical care and increasing safety and survival rates.As the regulators, politicians, and corporate executives hash out these details, industry engineers and scientists continue to push through new ideas for improving and managing human health. Every year, industry observers like the Cleveland Clinic and the medical device trade press single out their favorite technology trends. These thought leaders agree tha t todays best technologies strike a balance between reducing the overall cost of medical care and increasing safety and survival ratesand isnt that what health care reform is all about?Editors PickYoung Engineer Takes Great Strides with Prosthetic FootHere are five emerging technologies to watch in the year aheadand please visit for up-to-the-minute developments on the field of bioengineering.The MelaFind optical abtaster from MELA Sciences. Image MelaFind.com1. Cutting Back on Melanoma BiopsiesWith the most deadly form of skin cancer, melanoma, a huge number of dangerous-looking moles are actually harmless, but has always been impossible to know for sure without an invasive surgical biopsy. Today dermatologists have new help in making the right call a handheld tool approved by the FDA for multispectral analysis of tissue morphology. The MelaFind optical scanner is not for definitive diagnosis but rather to provide additional information a doctor can use in determining wh ether or not to order a biopsy. The goal is to reduce the number of patients left with unnecessary biopsy scars, with the added benefit of eliminating the cost of unnecessary procedures. The MelaFind technology (MELA Sciences, Irvington, NY) uses missile navigation technologies originally paid for the Department of Defense to optically scan the surface of a suspicious lesion at 10 electromagnetic wavelengths. The collected signals are processed using heavy-duty algorithms and matched against a registry of 10,000 digital images of melanoma and skin disease.The ATI Neurostimulator from Autonomic Technologies. Image ATI-SPG.comAlso for you 5 Innovative Medical Technologies for 20182. Electronic AspirinFor people who suffer from migraines, cluster headaches, and other causes of chronic, excruciating head or facial pain, the take two aspirins and call me in the morning method is useless. Doctors have long associated the most severe, chronic forms of headache with the sphenopalatine gangl ion (SPG), a facial nerve bundle, but havent yet found a treatment that works on the SPG long-term. A technology under clinical investigation at Autonomic Technologies, Inc., (Redwood City, CA) is a patient-powered tool for blocking SPG signals at the first sign of a headache. The system involves the permanent implant of a small nerve stimulating device in the upper gum on the side of the head normally affected by headache. The lead tip of the implant connects with the SPG bundle, and when a patient senses the onset of a headache, he or she places a handheld remote controller on the cheek nearest the implant. The resulting signals stimulate the SPG nerves and block the pain-causing neurotransmitters.The Symphony tCGM biosensor from Echo Therapeutics. Image EchoTX.com3. Needle-Free Diabetes CareDiabetes self-care is a painliterally. It brings the constant need to draw blood for glucose testing, the need for daily insulin shots and the heightened risk of infection from all that poking . Continuous glucose monitors and insulin hochhackiger schuh are todays best options for automating most of the complicated daily process of blood sugar management but they dont completely remove the need for skin pricks and shots. But theres new skin in this game. Echo Therapeutics (Philadelphia, PA) is developing technologies that would replace the poke with a patch. The company is working on a transdermal biosensor that reads blood analytes through the skin without drawing blood. The technology involves a handheld electric-toothbrush-like device that removes just enough top-layer skin cells to put the patients blood chemistry within signal range of a patch-borne biosensor. The sensor collects one reading per minute and sends the data wirelessly to a remote monitor, triggering audible alarms when levels go out of the patients optimal range and tracking glucose levels over time.The Telemedicine System from InTouch Technologies. Image InTouchHealth.com4. Robotic Check-UpsA pillar o f health reform is improving access to the best health care for more people. Technology is a cost-effective and increasingly potent means to connect clinics in the vast and medically underserved rural regions of the United States with big city medical centers and their specialists. Telemedicine is well established as a tool for triage and assessment in emergencies, but new medical robots go one step furtherthey can now patrol hospital hallways on more routine rounds, checking on patients in different rooms and managing their individual charts and vital signs without direct human intervention. The RP-VITA Remote Presence Robot produced jointly by iRobot Corp. and InTouch Health is the first such autonomous navigation remote-presence robot to receive FDA clearance for hospital use. The device is a mobile cart with a two-way video screen and medical monitoring equipment, programmed to maneuver through the busy halls of a hospital.The Sapien transcatheter aortic valve from Edwards Lifes ciences. Image Edwards.com5. A Valve Job with HeartThe Sapien transcatheter aortic valve is a life-saving alternative to open-heart surgery for patients who need new a new valve but cant endure the rigors of the operation. Manufactured by Edwards Life Sciences (Irvine, CA), the Sapien has been available in Europe for some time but is only now finding its first use in U.S. heart centerswhere it is limited only to the frailest patients thus far. The Sapien valve is guided through the femoral artery by catheter from a small incision near the grown or rib cage. The valve material is made of bovine tissue attached to a stainless-steel stent, which is expanded by inflating a small balloon when correctly placed in the valve space. A simpler procedure that promises dramatically shorter hospitalizations is bound to have a positive effect on the cost of care.Michael MacRae is an independent writer.More Exclusive 2019 Stories from ASME.orgSolving World Hunger with 3D-Printed FoodSix Project Ma nagement Tips Every Engineer NeedsInnovations in Biomaterials Create New Roles for Engineersspan.caption-two fleck relative display block width-removed 280px z-index 10 color808080 margin-removed 10px 0 100px 0 //margin-removed 10px 0 150px 0.image-break-backgr position absolute width-removed340px heightautoheight-removedautoheight-removedautoheight-removed202px z-index 1 margin-removed -110px 0 20px -200px /*position background here */ //margin-removed -105px 0 0 -380px.image-break position relative padding-removed 0px 0px 50px 0px dont-float-removed left width-removed 340px heightautoheight-removedautoheight-removedautoheight-removed202px z-index 4 margin-removed 0px 20px 20px -180px

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Sample Thank You Emails for Employers to Send

Sample Thank You Emails for Employers to SendSample Thank You Emails for Employers to SendA thank you email from a company executive is a significant form of positive recognition for an employee. This sample thank you email recognizes the employee for charitable contributions on behalf of the company. This sample thank you email describes in detail that the executive attended the charitable event. As an attendee, he saw first hand the employees charitable contributions. Heres a sample thank you email from a company executive. The key to effective employee recognition and thank you emails from executives, beyond yur fundamental thankfulness, is to reinforce behavior that youd like to see the employee continue. You can hand write this thank you letter on a note card or send it in an email. A formal address is unnecessary unless you write the thank you on company stationery. Sample Thank You notenzeichen for Charitable Contributions Date Dear Joyce, Your effort on behalf of the Boys and Girls Club to engage our staff in a worthwhile charitable event is noteworthy. Your participation in the organization of the silent auction, the buffet appetizers, the cocktail hour, and locating speakers provided our company with significant positive press in the local community. When my wife and I attended the event, several people thanked me for providing company resources to assist with the event. Your time and commitment stand out, but you also recruited 15 other staff members. Everywhere we went at the event, our staff was helping due to your recruiting and commitment to the charitable cause. Our employees were parking cars, delivering and recording silent auction wins, greeting guests, running the coat check, and more. The company logo on their sweaters was a nice touch, too, as all attendees saw the level of support that we provided at the event due to your charitable contributions. It feels good to know that your efforts set a fund raising record for the club. I wanted to take the time to tell you that we deeply appreciate your charitable contributions of time, energy, and talent to such a worthy cause on our behalf. Thank you. Bill On Behalf of Your Exec gruppe cc Executive Team Sample Email Thank You Note This sample thank you note demonstrates that a thank you note does not need to be formal. A thank you note that recognizes an employees contribution can be simple and meaningful. You can write a thank you note informally and still have a positive impact on an employees morale and motivation. This sample thank you note is for an employee who led a successful kollektiv effort on a project. The thank you note demonstrates several characteristics of effective feedback. It is timely, specific about the employees actions, and customized to fit the occasion. Thank You Note for Team Leadership on a Project Dear Sarah, Thank you for your outstanding job leading the web redesign project. The project met its goals and serves as an example for the company about how a project team can set goals, obtain support from the organization, and accomplish its stated goals andmissionwithin the projected time frame. At our wrap-up luncheon today, you recognized each member of your team in a thoughtful, deserving way. I am certain that yourteam members feel rewarded and recognized. I was happy to add my voice to yours in praising the teams effort. You provided a lesson that all of us can learn from about how to make a team successful in our company. Id like you to share your observations and thoughts at the upcoming monthly managers meeting. Please let me know if you can be prepared by then and if there is any way that I can help you present your key learnings and process. Again, I am so happy with the contribution that you have made to our organization through your leadership of the web redesign team. I hope to make use of your leadership skills in the future. Thank you. Marilyn Smith for the Executive Team cc Executive Team You can ma gnify a thank you when you specify exactly why you arethanking the employee. The approbation of senior company leaders is always a plus. Giving the employee an opportunity to share what he or she learned from the process with other employees provides you with the opportunity to magnify your team leaders success and contribution. Sample Employee Thank You and Recognition Letters Sample Employee Thank You Letter From SupervisorFormal Employee Recognition LetterInformal Employee Recognition LetterSemi-formal Employee Recognition LetterHow to Write an Employee Recognition Letter

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Transferable Skills to Add on Your Resume

Transferable Skills to Add on Your ResumeTransferable Skills to Add on Your ResumeAdding transferable skills to your resume and showcasing them to potential employers can significantly improve your chances of reaching the first interview stage. It is also very effective if you want to produce a resume to help you change careers.If you want to move into a new profession you may feel that you lack some of the required skills. However, there are transferable skills that are relevant to most positions.What are transferable skills?Transferable skills are the abilities and talents you acquire which are elend industry specific.Transferable skills examples There is a wide range of transferable skills including communication skills (such as speaking, listening, and writing), problem-solving (strategic planning, project management, and decision making etc.), organizational skills (e.g. reliability, time management), and interpersonal skills (such as empathy, customer service, and leadership).S hould you include transferable skills on your resume?Transferable skills on your resume help to sell you to prospective employers but this doesnt mean you should include all of them on every resume you send. Its important to identify the transferable skills which the employer is looking for and then to clearly demonstrate them on your resume.Thankfully, it is not hard to know which skills an employer is looking for as they are normally clearly specified in the job postings. You then need to tailor your resume for each job you apply for by focusing on the key job requirements for each position.Focusing on the required transferable skills allows candidates to produce resumes which are ideal for making a career change. However, even if youre applying for similar positions, focusing on your strengths can also help your resume to stand out.Transferable skills are not the only skills you should include on your resume. Follow these tips for adding skills on your resume.How to write transfe rable skills on your resumeYou can include your transferable skills in the skills section of your resume. Simply saying that you have strong transferable skills is not enough. Anyone can say they are a team-player, have strong leadership skillsProvide examples of when youve actually demonstrated your transferable skills. An effective formula to demonstrate transferable skills on a resume is by explaining how your actions solved a problem and what the results were. Many candidates use PAR (problem, action, result).You can also use this method in other sections of your resume to give further examples. You can use the PAR method in your work experience section or in your key accomplishments section. Proving examples in this way is much more convincing for employers.Transferable skills listHere is a list to help give you ideas and to help jog your memory. Read through the list and identify the transferable resume skills you have. The list includes a range of both soft skills and hard sk ills.Communication skillsPublic speakingWritten communicationListening skillsEmail writingGiving oral instructions to othersProblem-solvingUsing mathematics to solve problemsUsing critical thinking to make decisions and solve problemsDeal with obstacles and crisesEvent planningPreventing problems from occurring or recurringOrganizational skillsTime managementMeeting deadlinesAllocating resourcesCoordinating workloadsUsing organizational software such as spreadsheets and databasesInterpersonal skillsMotivating othersProviding constructive feedbackNegotiatingBuilding customer relationshipsInfluencing othersManagement skillsSupervising employeesOverseeing budgetsRecruiting staffGiving trainingProducing reportsComputer and Technical SkillsUsing software related to your jobInstalling software on computersTroubleshooting problems with hardware or softwareUsing basic programs such as email and spreadsheetsOnce you have identified your transferable skills the next step is to work them into your resume. Using a resume builder is a time-effective way of producing a customized resume for each job application. There are industry-specific resume templates which mean that you dont need to start from scratch each time.This section of your resume is very important but it is only one part. Read this guide on how to write a resume for a more complete overview.

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Three Steps to Help Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Three Steps to Help Prevent Sexual Harassment in the WorkplaceThree Steps to Help Prevent Sexual Harassment in the WorkplaceThree Steps to Help Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Berkowitz, Esq.When it comes to controlling sexual harassment in the workplace, small geschftslebenes with fewer than 15 employees businesses that are therefore elend subject to Title VII shouldnt get complacent.Remember sexual harassment is not acceptable, whatever the size of the business, just as with any type of workplace discrimination.I advise all my clients to undergo sexual harassment prevention training as a best practice, notes Garland. The next hire could put them over Title VIIor their states threshold and they need to be prepared.For a small business with limited resources, the following best practices are a good start to avoiding sexual harassment in the workplaceTraining. It cant be said enough make sure that all of your employees, from managers down to the newest hourly worker kn ow what sexual harassment is and that it is not tolerated.Regular training sessions are best, but at the least every business should have a carefully drafted policy that every employee and new hire must read and understand. Sample sexual harassment are all over the Internet look at a few and adapt them to your business.Respond to complaints appropriately. Have a process in place by which employees can express their concerns confidentially, without having to involve the alleged harasser in the chain of reporting. Treat every concern seriously and dont brush off rumors without giving them the attention they deserve.In some cases, complaints can be resolved with a staff meeting to go over the rules of workplace etiquette. Other problems may require more formal investigation, assistance of outside counsel, and discipline.Avoid or manage harassment situations that could get out of hand. Of course, the best way to handle complaints about harassment in the workplace is to not have any beca use your work force knows how to behave. Be sure all employees are given guidelines on workplace ethics. Keep an eye out for actions that just brush the line between okay and not okay and put a stop to them before they escalate.Find out more Be Aware of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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Brief Article Teaches You the Ins and Outs of Market Research Resume and What You Should Do Today

Brief Article Teaches You the Ins and Outs of Market Research Resume and What You Should Do Today Understanding Market Research Resume Obtain a valid drivers license so that you have the capability to drive to the work websites. The next thing to do is to check whether the site is registered with any on-line business directory. In some instances what youre going to need isnt a resume template in any respect. Again, understand it is actually to come across the continue format which best communicates to the reader how it is possible to provide the things that they want for. No matter your degree of work knowledge, your resume structure is vital to making your application stick out. Perhaps the most dreaded part of any research program, budgeting is never quick. Irrespective of your degree of work practical expertise, your resume structure is vital to making your application stick out. Throughout any industry research study, its vital proper documentation happens. The following is an instance of a resume designed for an advertising analyst stelle. The sample program should be utilized to indicate the total amount of participants you would like to research, along with a breakdown of each group. More details with regard to the undertaking is going to be shared depending on the receipt of interests along-with detailed resumes of interested experts. Include a hyperlink to your portfolio website. The Market Research Resume Cover Up You are able to generate a birthday card online by using greetings software or adhering to the instructions provided by the site of your pick. There are lots of basic assortments of resumes used to earn application for job openings. Lastly, sign up for a national exam to get a license. Learn about the principal activities of the employer. Your CV ought to be simple to read with space between each section and a lot of white space. Try to remember that youre outlining information which you already know. You have to consider what things to include, how much detail is required and how to generate your CV stick out from all the others. Chronological resumes are inclined to be the simplest to digest. Market Research Resume Secrets Employers will frequently have to sift through hundreds of such documents and wont have adequate time or urge to read a lengthy, drawn out resume however good it can be. While you might want to go into plenty of detail in bestellung to market yourself, its well worth noting that employers prefer short resumes which fit onto one side of A4. You have to understand how to tailor your resume for employment. Its your job to make it simple to fall in. Our resume builder makes it simple to create a well-written resume in a few minutes. 1 main purpose of a psychologist is to enhance the standard of life of their patients. It is very important to take an active role in the academic life of your department but a career action program cannot end there. Your document will be profess ional and polished, and you are going to be prepared to advance through the work search procedure and attain the job thats the ideal fit for you. The Market Research Resume Game During the procedure, ensure you maintain your interest in the business throughout the full interview. Because you would like your document to be readily scannable by busy hiring managers, you would like to steer clear of listing skills on your resume which are irrelevant for the work opening youre applying for. With research salaries increasing and strong hiring demand in the business, it is a wonderful time to deal with some of the most frequent questions we get and share some resume tips unique to the research field. When youve found an opportunity you want to pursue, carefully review the work description and make certain to highlight your relevant skills and experience for that specific function. Your CV is your opportunity to demonstrate an employer youve got the abilities and experience needed, and that youre the appropriate person for the job. Marketers with the best selection of skills are frequently the best performers. Excel does each of the effort for you. Employers use resume books to assess students. They want to see that the candidates have a genuine desire to work for their company and will, therefore, most likely ask questions about the company. Highlight your distinctive qualities, industry expertise, and being in a position to satisfy certain needs of clients working with you. Many companies expect a masters degree. You should organize your work application to aid agencies evaluate your knowledge. Find out more about marketing careers.

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Finding Resume Writing Fedex Store Online

Finding Resume Writing Fedex Store Online The stores also provide a collection of office supplies and company books for retail purchase. Customers are generally loyal to a trusted firm. As an example, FedEx believes that customers will pick the more reliable of available shipping businesses, even if this company is pricier than the competition. FedEx is a favorite American shipping service company. What Is So Fascinating About Resume Writing Fedex Store? Click ur sample to learn to compose the ideal transportation resume. Transportation jobs involve a great deal of responsibility and your resume will want to reflect you can deal with that. If youre attempting to acquire work in accounting or finance you require averystrong resume. The Chronicles of Resume Writing Fedex Store The trucks a FedEx courier drives are comparatively light, and can typically be driven with a non-commercial drivers license. You cant work as a Delivery Driver if you arent professionally licensed. It is vital to show in your Delivery Driver resume that youve got the important attributes to find the business done right. Perhaps while looking for examples you noticed poor samples throughout the internet. Job seekers deserve to locate decent content quickly. Writing a strong application is a challenging procedure and we would like to make it simpler. The Fundamentals of Resume Writing Fedex Store Revealed Resumes are made to spotlight the best side of a person. Understanding how to tailor your resume will obviously offer you an advantage. You may utilize our new location for a drop-off location for outbound FedEx packages in addition to pre-labeled outbound packages for different carriers. Some businesses will ask you to be accountable for all documentation. FedEx SameDay City is presently expanding in all important cities throughout the nation and is considering becoming its own operating unit in the following five years. FedEx Office can accept outbound packages for di fferent carriers provided that the suitable pre-paid carrier documentation is connected to the package. A job may be an experience building stepping stone if you already really understand what sort of career you need to make in future. You are prepared to apply to the job which you dream of. If youre searching for a professional job, you might have to to receive a resume. Therefore, if youre trying to be given a job ( not only virtually any job, no matter how the job that you want), be sure to do things correct and learn to create an outstanding resume.